Smart Printing Factory recognizes more efficient industrial printing systems and processes that will benefit key stake holders using its IoT technologies and ecosystem.

What is “printing”?

Since the invention of Gutenberg’s letterpress printing machine, the printing industry has been the foundation of the industrial revolution. In response to requests, printing has always expanded its application with various technical improvements. Today, printing is more than just marking on paper. Printing is used in various places of society and life.

Actually, printing is everywhere, surrounding our everyday lifestyles.

Big changes in the printing industry

The printing industry is facing big changes in the structure of its business.

  • The ways of marketing and distribution have changed from the internet revolution.
  • The mass replication function of information shifts to electronic distribution, and customization and personalization are increasing.
  • Complex demands like package 3D printing, fashion printing, high-tech electronics device printing and adaptation to 4K and 8K clear picture are expanding.

Current system vs. Smart Printing Factory

With the current data and control flow in printing companies, there is not enough monitoring and manual planning, and the daily status reports are handwritten. Moreover, possible delayed repairs due to late notifications on identified trouble and it’s cause. With the Smart Printing Factory, based on ordering and equipment statuses automatic real-time planning is applied. In addition, it shares the actual report of each task with sensor data and device logs. Production consists of multiple stages coordinated across multiple connected facilities.

Expected Solution

  • Visualize and share progress
  • Efficient planning of more tasks
  • More precise cost control based on collected information
  • Failure prediction by detecting operation pattern changes
    By using IoT technology such as Big Data analysis and AI, it is possible to produce printing workflow that improves productivity, low cost, reliability and flexibility, for all people involved in printing (printing ordering persons, printing companies, post-press companies, transportation companies, etc.).