Phase 1: Integration

Integration – Asset instrumentation, monitoring and KPI determination

In Phase 1, two printing production lines of Japanese printing companies are elaborated.

  • Collect and store the data from assets and processes in a brown-field environment, the printing industry.
  • Define KPIs and metrics for productivity and print quality in the printing industry, association with key data sources and initial control experiments.
  • Dashboard / API (system to system, device to system)

Progress of Phase 1

Establishing a part of the visualization framework for a Printing factory consisted of the bridge component of a Management Information System and the Edge components of printing machines.

  • We have designed the sensing systems of the first step involving the gateway devices and data transmitting devices to retrieve signals from the post printing machines and send the data to the database in the cloud.
  • Also defined are the candidates of sensing data items to manage productivity and quality. This data will be saved in the database. Now we are implementing this system to the printing factory of a cooperative company.
  • We will be ready to use the environment for analyzing data from machines of a printing factory.