Smart Printing Factory

Smart Printing Factory optimizes printing production planning and improves availability by instrumenting printing equipments and integrating printing ecosystems for production line automation control, cross-site fulfillment, and predictive maintenance.

The Smart Printing Factory testbed is an Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) approved testbed and the first open system for the printing industry which is changing very rapidly.


The testbed will create the following benefits:

Business benefits for Printing companies

  • Make ROI management, identifying and improving profit gain easier
  • Increase orders and sales by increasing the production capacity allowance
  • Maximize print production by increasing factory production efficiency
  • Minimize waste material and unnecessary reprint, optimize the print quality
  • Minimize maintenance costs and downtime by predicting the repair time from the operating status data and preparing a repair plan in advance
  • Create “standards” for connectivity between Edge devices and Smart Printing Factory system
  • Create “standards” for connectivity between current customer’s systems and Smart Printing Factory system

Societal benefits

  • Produce items that could not be realized previously, such as costly out-of-print books
  • Give Software houses additional opportunities to design new applications


The project is divided into 3 phases:


Integration – Asset instrumentation, monitoring and KPI determination

In Phase 1, two printing production lines of Japanese printing companies are elaborated.

  • Collect and store the data from assets and processes in a brown-field environment, the printing industry.
  • Define KPIs and the metrics for productivity and print quality in the printing industry associating with key data sources and initial control experiments.
  • Dashboard / API (system to system, device to system)
Phase2:Production optimization

Production optimization – Data analysis and KPI validation

  • Putting KPIs to work: Leveraging the defined KPIs and their data linkage, to improve efficiency and quality in real industrial printing operations.
  • Implementation of remote maintenance infrastructure.
  • Demonstration of process improvement and metrics targets management.
  • Dashboard
Phase3:Improvement of total printing process

Improvement of total printing process

  • Approach of predictive maintenance

Note: Phase 3 details will be determined with the results of Phase 1 and 2, by the end of 2018.